Falls Church Brewpub Private Dining

Mad Fox Brewing Company can meet your private dining needs for 12 to 100+ guests in a European-style Gastropub setting. We are ready to help you plan your celebratory lunch or dinner, after work, cocktail party or any gathering you can imagine. We have three separate spaces available: Saloon Room, Dining Room and the Pub. Contact 703-942-6840 or fc-private-dining@madfoxbrewing.com for more information.

Saloon Room
The Saloon can accommodate up to 35 guests for seated dining or 50-60 guests for cocktail events. The Saloon is placed in the space directly along West Broad Street, at the toe of Mad Fox’s L-shaped space. The tradition of the Saloon in England is based on a quieter sit-down Pub experience favored by the English upper class. The Pub was for the working class to dash in for a quick pint on the run, the Saloon was for an unhurried special beer or a whisky shared with friends and neighbors in conversation. The Saloon follows this tradition with a working fireplace, two dedicated HD televisions, banquette seating along the interior wall, bar stool seating along the street-side window and table seating in the center. The Saloon is physically separated from the rest of the restaurant and can be reserved for special events. It’s perfect for lunch meetings and celebrations as well as after work events.

Dining Room:
The dining room can accommodate 30-90 seated guests and 100+ guests for cocktail events. The dining room is Mad Fox’s quieter dining space. With 92 dining seats physically separated from the rest of the restaurant, this space works well for larger seated or very large cocktail events. Features of the dining room are three large picture windows overlooking the brewery, exposed barrel room with stacked wooden barrels filled with very special beer aging in racks and natural light from full length windows looking out to the Market Square.

The Pub
The Pub can accommodate 6-30+ guests for cocktail events, and as many as 150 guests in conjunction with our Saloon Room. The Pub stretches the longest length of Mad Fox, from the main entrance to the West Broad Street face of the building. It features a 63-foot long custom built bar with three service stations each of 12 traditional draught beers. In the bar back there are two glass-fronted cases chilled to cellar temperature featuring six cask conditioned proper Real Ales served through six water jacketed Angram beer engines, ensuring that every pint is served properly conditioned at cellar temperatures. The bar, back bar, columns and other custom millwork are cherry-stained rock maple. There are two discreetly placed television screens to display sporting events placed above the bar, above the normal patron sight-line with closed captioning and no audio, so that they do not impinge on the Pub experience.