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All of our beers are brewed in-house on our 15-barrel Premier Stainless brewing system by our Brewers, Bill, Charlie, Brad & Max. Due to the freshness and demand for our beer, we occasionally may not have your favorite available. Please inquire with our Mad Fox staff as to which libations we're currently pouring.

Sampler of 4 Beers (4 oz. each) - Your choice - $6
Growlers - $20.95 empty growler, fill/refill additional ($14.95 to $24.95)

Kellerbier Kölsch (4.4% ABV)
Our 2011 Great American Beer Festival® Gold Medal award winning Kellerbier style Kӧlsch. Same recipe as our standard Kӧlsch, just an unfiltered version served cellar style like a German Brewer might enjoy directly from the lager tank. The experience might not be as crisp as the filtered version due to the presence of yeast and other proteins that are typically filtered out. Try them both and see for yourself!

Kölsch (4.4% ABV)
One of our signature brews, this German-style golden ale originates in the Köln (Cologne) region of Germany. Restrained hop bitterness is produced by the use of German noble Hersbrucker hops, which add a subtle fresh piney or spicy note. The authentic Kölsch yeast produces a clean crisp beer with lager aroma notes. German malts provide the backbone.

Defender American Pale Ale (5.2% ABV) 
An American-style of Pale Ale brewed with a base malt of English Pale malt and a portion of German Vienna malt.  This hop forward beer is brewed with the American hop varietal Columbus hops for bittering, flavor and aroma.  This beer has a juicy malt flavor that is balanced by the use of the assertive Columbus hopping.  Our house ale yeast produces a subtle fruity aroma. (available on cask only)

Broad Street IPA (7.3% ABV)
An American-style India Pale Ale that is brewed with 100% Centennial hops from the Pacific Northwest and then dry- hopped with over 30 pounds of Centennial for an extra fresh hop punch. This beer has a fresh resiny herbal and citrusy grapefruit aroma that follows through to a tingling hoppy herbal bitterness in the finish. The British pale and German Vienna malts provide a biscuity malt sweetness that balances the hop bitterness. 
 (also available on cask)

Mason's Dark Mild (3.3% ABV)
One of our extreme session beers, this dark roasty malt-accented beer is our lowest alcohol beer yet. This session ale is toffee and chocolate accented with just enough hops to keep the malt sweetness from getting cloying. Brewed with English malts and English Goldings hops, this classic English-style ale was born for the Pub and your pint glass. (also available on cask)

Gridlock India Pale Lager (5.0% ABV)
The DuClaw Brewing Company / Mad Fox Brewing Company team has a combined 40 years of brewing experience – as well as untold hours spent navigating the I-95 corridor providing inspiration for the creation of an easy drinking lager packed with the refreshing flavors and aromas of northwest American hops. Pop the top and…escape the rat race… enjoy a Gridlock. 

Saison DuWha? (7.96% ABV)
Our spin on the Belgian farmhouse classic. Saison DuWha? is Pilsner malt based with a touch of Crystal and Vienna for malt backbone. Spiced with toasted coriander seed, ginger root, lemon and orange peel to add a fruity aroma. Late boil additions of Spalt Hops, as well as a lower fermentation temperature to enhance the spicy, zesty and dry finish. 

Cabernet Funk (6.0% ABV)
Aged in Silver Oak Cabernet Barrels.  The Funk is our Saison, dry-hop with a big helping of our favorite Citra hops. Saison brings its yeast-driven earth and spice notes as well as a honeyish malt. The dry-hopped Citra brings its orange citrus hop flavor. 

St. Swithin’s E.S.B. (Extra Special Bitter) (5.0% ABV)
English style ale noted for having extra malt and hop character relative to the lower flavor of bitter or mild as found in British taverns and pubs.  Our version is made with English Pale and Crystal malts and is lightly hopped with the English First Gold hop varietal.

Praha Pils (5.2% ABV)
Our interpretation of a Czech Bohemian Pilsener, inspired by a trip to the Czech Republic by our brewer.  Brewed with authentic Bohemian Pilsener malt made from the heirloom Hanka barley varietal and imported Czech Saaz hops.  This beer has a spicy herbal Saaz hops aroma that follows through to the hop enhanced flavor, backed up by smooth malt flavor and a dry finish.
Crazy Ivan Russian Imperial Stout (9.0 % ABV)
The recipe was originally designed with Mike McGuire, a local homebrewer and member of both the BURP and Worthogs local homebrewing clubs, when the original recipe took Best of Show at the homebrew competition Spirit of Free Beer put on by BURP in 2004. The malt bill is comprised of imported English pale, crystal, brown, and black malts and a good amount of roasted barley and flaked oats. Hopping is a very generous helping of English variety First Gold. This is a big and very flavorful beer. (available on cask only)

80 Shilling (5.2% ABV)
This malt-balanced beer starts on a caramel note in deep copper hues. The malt is balanced with subtle hopping. The name comes from 19th century Scotland categorization with 80 Shilling being a premium priced beer with greater malt. (available on cask) 

House brewed Root Beer - $3.50 with free refills
Our house brewed recipe uses cane sugar, local honey and all natural flavorings to produce a complex non-alcoholic brew.

Historical Beer List - Interested in all of the beers in our repertoire? This is a historical list, only those beers on the drinks menu are currently available. Historical Beer List Page

Wine & Select Liquor Options

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Blackthorn Cider, England (Draught)
Bold Rock Cider, Virginia (Draught)
Cider Balls with Fireball Whiskey



B. Nektar Zombie Killer, Cherry Cyser
Cider with oney, tart cherry juice and lightly carbonated